In The Community

Breaking Down Barriers

Officer Ryan Tillman is a police officer and one of the board members of the Chino Police Officers' Foundation. He is committed to helping not only youth, but all members of our great community understand the role and functions of individual police officers take on to make for a safe community.

The foundation provides resources to officers like Ryan when needing to make progress in his goal of connecting the community with the police. Whether it is providing a meal to a victim to ease them through an interview to helping a child afford a bicycle helmet, the foundation helps the police department accomplish its mission.

Reaching Our Youth

The Chino Police Officers' Foundation partners with the Chino Police Department to provide educational experiences for our youth, as well as fun and exciting events for the community we serve.

Bringing Smiles

Through public events, traffic safety education is made more fun when we spend time with our youth and answer all their questions.

Thumbs Up

We have an awesome opportunity to explain what the police do and the importance of doing good in school and life when children are young.

Cruising In Style

The foundation provides safety equipment to our young cyclists and others throughout the year during community events and safety initiatives.

Sharing Laughs

During Halloween, Chino Police Department members enjoy helping keep kids safe and meeting them and their parents, to form special bonds.

Community Relationships

Helping Others Feel Safe

The foundation and the department want our residents, business owners, and visitors to feel safe while they are in our great community. One of the ways we do that is by helping the department host various events throughout the year. 

These events allow community members to meet face-to-face with police officers, and discuss concerns they may have, or simply get to know each other. Let's face it; when you've met someone in person, and had a chance to speak with each other, future encounters are more positive.

Supporting The Special Olympics

Every year, the Chino Police Officers' Foundation supports the department's participation in the torch run to raise awareness and funds for the Southern California Special Olympics.

What Else Does CPOF Do?


The foundation has donated thousands of dollars annually to local youth sports and recreational programs, like the Don Lugo Football Team.


Supporting our youth's education is equally important to the foundation. Donations for educational items such as science projects and programs and sponsoring a youth mentoring camp are completed each year.


Foundation members provide meals, toys, and bicycles during the holiday season, help with the Let It Be Foundation, and the UCHOOZ Youth Outreach Program, just to name a few.

We Need Your Help

Consider partnering with the Chino Police Officers' Foundation in their quest to provide the finest law enforcement and community services to our great city. Please make a tax-deductible donation today.

Where Do The Donations Go?

Approximately 95% of donations go back to the community, with 5% of donations used in the operation and management of the foundation.